ImageImageEverybody loves a good lipstick and some (like me) love to get one in every shade! Therefore I thought you’d be interested in how many of these ridiculously expensive yet extremely effective MAC lipsticks I own and recommend.

MAC Lipsticks are available in 8 finishes, priced at about 14 pounds each and I own (from left to right) Ruby Woo, Impassioned, Watch Me Shimmer, Pink Pigeon, Up the Amp and Russian Red. They all have great color pay off and I have noticed that I am drawn to the more severe colors.


❤ Watch Me Shimmer: This amplified finish coral is smooth, creamy and perfect for those summer months! This color would be great on warm skin tones and look great with your tan. However, this is a limited edition color from the ‘Shop MAC, Cook MAC’ collection and it would be a tough find. An inexpensive dupe for this color is the Maybelline ‘Shocking Coral’ lipstick. RECOMMEND!

❤ Ruby Woo: This Matte finish lipstick is the latest edition to my collection. This is a blue-toned true red that won’t budge. It would like fabulous on lighter skin tones and you would charm your way through any holiday party! An inexpensive dupe for this color is the Revlon ‘Really Red’ lipstick. 

❤ Impassioned: Even though this amplified creme finish lipstick looks like a close cousin of ‘Watch me Shimmer’ in this picture, it really is not. This lipstick is a bright warm pink that literally makes you look like you orgasmed moments ago. Who doesn’t want that look? Also, the creamy consistency of this lipstick makes it easy to glide on and you look like an effortless bombshell. This color is popular enough to have its own Nail Lacquer and Lipglass to match! RECOMMEND! An inexpensive dupe for this color is the Revlon ‘Love That Pink’ lipstick. 


Pink Pigeon: This limited edition Matte color is to die for! No, seriously. Pink Pigeon is a blue-toned bright pink that showcases a natural sheen, intense color payoff and long wear. I honestly don’t know why this was only released with the Iris Apfel collection and not made a regular! Either way, a good dupe for this color is the Milani Color Statement Lipstick in ‘Rose Hip’. RECOMMEND!

❤ Up The Amp: Yes, I was feeling adventurous when I picked up this amplified finish purple color lipstick. But I haven’t had the balls to wear this smooth textured, moisturizing and sweet scented lipstick yet. Maybe I must take advantage of its blend-able nature and mix and match the wearable color for me! Rihanna’s collection for MAC features ‘RiRi Boy’ which is a very close dupe to ‘Up the Amp’.

❤ Russian Red: Behold, the top seller lipstick that is Russian Red! Actually, this matte finish lipstick deserves all the glory bestowed upon it. The color is a medium-dark red that has neutral undertones but on my warm skin, it shows up as a cooler color. It’s part of the permeant range and features perks like long wear, sex appeal and it’s own matching Nail Lacquer and Lipglass. RECOMMEND!Image

Hope you enjoyed my small collection.

Which MAC lipsticks do you recommend? x



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