Bits & Bobs: Beauty Haul

With a little bit more self control, I have been shopping for items on a rather slower speed than going on a shopaholic rampage. With a new month and a new year looming, it’s only fair that I venture out into unknown product territory. So here we go:Haul Full

❤ Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick #16: I never wear light colors on my lips and struggle with the perfect everyday shade. But could this lipstick be the answer? From what I have previously experienced: these Kate Moss lipsticks have high color pay off and a glossy texture on the lips. This is perfect for application and helps my lips feel moisturized. I am really looking forward to using this pinkish coral color during the remaining parts of the summer.


❤ MAC Bronzing Powder: Really excited that I got my hands on this bronzer from MAC’s Temperature Rising collection. I chose the color ‘Soft Sand’ and I can’t wait to have this in the hollows of my cheeks as a pop of color or as part of my face contour routine. Warning: this is definitely not a dark matte contour powder! Obvious amounts of glitter are present in the product but they do not transfer onto the brush. I think this is a perfect product for a summer glow all year long. Expensive but worth every hour at the office!bronzermac

❤ Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner in #01 & Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: I picked up everything inexpensive at the Rimmel counter at the airport while traveling in July. I was in one of those moods. The Stay Matte powder disappointed me less in comparison to the liquid eye liner by Rimmel. The powder is a typical drug store finishing powder that provides very light coverage but is effective when touching up the T-zone on those “non-special” days. With less that 4 quid spent on the powder, I can’t complain much. However, I was hoping to get more from the Glam Eyes liner. The wand is slim and therefore I expected sleek lines. However, the product is very diluted and has a dodgy color pay off making it hard to control. Skip it!


Hope you enjoyed the haul & mini reviews! What product did you purchase recently?



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