Beauty Talk: NARS Blushes

IMG_1360After a sudden surge of temptation, I finally gave in and decided to deplete my finances by purchasing two NARS blushes. Below is my review on what to expect with these two NARS shades: Mata Hari (“rose petal pink”) and Orgasm (“peachy pink with golden shimmer”).


NARS Mata Hari is a dark matte pink with cool raspberry undertones. This color is perfect for darker skin shades as it shows up without any effort. Lighter skin shades can also rock this highly pigmented blush with a light handed application. Initially, the product feels powdery in the container but it has a soft and easy to blend application.

IMG_1373NARS Orgasm is a beautiful peachy pink shade with strong golden shimmer. The color of this blush is similar to that of MAC Springsheen. Furthermore, the Orgasm blush is decently pigmented but the color pay-off is not as obvious as other NARS blushes (e.g. Mata Hari). Nevertheless, I believe that all complexions can enjoy this shade. ALSO, you don’t have to be afraid of the shimmer because the blush doesn’t apply sparkles all over your face but rather provides an orgasmic sheen. The amazing sex glow?


Overall, my verdict is that one should invest in a NARS blush because besides the obvious color pay off, these blushes seem to have a much more contemporary and travel friendly packaging than other blushes in the market today.

Orgasm would be my preference. Which NARS blush do you love?


18 thoughts on “Beauty Talk: NARS Blushes

  1. I didn`t try Nars blush , but in future hope to do that 🙂 Also i LIKE Orgasm , have such a great color 🙂
    what you say to follow each other? let me to know


  2. I actually never tried these blushes from Nars, such a shame! Your review made me so curious, both shades are amazing!! I’d love to get them!! Kisses and have a nice evening!! xo

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