Spring: Closet Cleaning Tips

I am the ultimate clothes hoarder. If you give me a small room to live in, I’d turn it into a massive closet; a fashion museum of all things collected and advance on to the floor for the purpose of slumber. However, a time comes (spring time to be more specific) when your closet no longer supports your intimate attachments to clothing and things may no longer fit you or feel you.

This is where I come in with my five simple tips for a stress-free cleanse of your closet. So, pin up that hair, bring out a trash bag and welcome spring with ample space.


1) Current Style: Who are you now? It’s an important question to ask yourself when beginning to shape out your wardrobe. A year ago, I was completely on the bandwagon of feminine fashion. But now my style has become more androgynous. So, for me it’s time to get rid of those dated floral blazers.

Pay attention to defining your personal style. Which clothes feel like you? Which clothes accentuate your current body? What story do you want your clothes to tell?

If you haven’t understood your style yet then build around a few key pieces you love to wear.


2) Give Away or Donate: When organizing your closet, create three piles of your “maybe” garments: Keep, Donate, Trash. You should be keeping the items you are likely to wear in the present, donating the items that are in good shape and could provide happiness for someone else and trashing the items with unbearable stains, holes or fit issues.

If you still have trouble deciding what should be up for donation, then follow the ‘three-year-rule‘: if you haven’t worn it in three years, then you probably won’t ever again.


3) Organize by Color or Type: Once you have sorted through your giveaway clothes, you will have your remaining wardrobe. Utilize your  aesthetics or functionality preference to assign your clothes a place in your closet. I prefer to display clothes by function. This is because I don’t wake up wanting to wear pink, I wake up wanting to wear my party dress.



 4) Organize a Clothing Swap: One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure. Go ahead and mark this new social event on your calendar where by all your girlfriends will be served chilled cocktails and your old closet items. Swap clothes, jewelry, shoes & accessories for something new and exciting.


 5) Upgrade Your Closet Accessories: With our ever expanding closets, we must treat the items we love with care and hence invest in sturdy shoe racks and storage boxes. This helps prevent damage to fabulous new shoes in the long run.

Similarly, mis-matched hangers are a sore picture to the eyes. Shop for wooden or plastic black hangers to breathe new aesthetic into your closet. Wooden hangers are also unlikely to pull fabric from delicate knits and sweaters unlike wire hangers.

If you’d like to take it a step further then you could also invest in adorable fabric, printed and shape hangers to add personality to a mundane wardrobe.

hangers https://www.thehunt.com/the-hunt/bTymJ7-these-hangers%21

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and tips on spring closet cleaning! Please leave me a comment with your tips or favorite tip for spring cleaning. I would love to hear from you.



12 thoughts on “Spring: Closet Cleaning Tips

  1. A much needed and very helpful post for this time of the year. I actually like to clean my closet out more than once a year, prefer seeing more change in my wardrobe. Completely agree with organizing clothes by function, at least that’s how I arrange mine, gives you more variety to choose from 🙂

  2. This is a great post! I love what you said about if you had a small run, you’d turn it into a closet. I would totally do the same! And that one picture on the bottom-LOVE THE HANGERS! So cute:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  3. Very helpful but.. I’m having such a hard time throwing things away… In a month I will be moving to another country and I need to throw away everything that doesn’t fit in my two suitcases.. Aie!! Kill me now.

  4. Such good tips, my closet is spilling over my room, out the hallway and downstairs into the utility closet!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Hope you are well, take care! Xx

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