Style Profile: Mini Miu Model


Current profession? & any advice for people wanting to get into this profession? 

“I am a nude and fetish model. & my advice? It requires bravery and an exhibitionist nature like mine to go along with it. You need to be open-minded and comfortable in your skin. And be prepared to do crazy things. One thing I have also learned is not to get wrapped up in how others will judge you. It could be very annoying when some men make rather crude and disrespectful remarks over my photos but I try and bark that to ignorance and move on.”



“Which city inspires you and your style?”  

“I’ve only been there twice before but I love Milan! The women out there really know how to dress. Feminine, elegant and sexy. Unlike a lot of north European countries, they are not afraid to look like a woman. Anything Italian is what I go for. Gucci, Prada, Armani, D&G, Versace. I love the vibrant yet simple styles. Also because I’m petite like a lot of Italians and have dark hair, I feel like their style suits me.”

 “Who is your favorite nude model?”

“I don’t know any nude models per se but I have worked with and met a few who are more experienced than me whom I look up to. Unlike fashion or glamour models, nude models hardly get noticed or become famous because many, like myself, do it for the art and not for fame.”

“What places do you recommend to shop in Tokyo?”

“Everyone says Harajuku is the place to go. It’s where the young & trendy hang out representing the epitome of Tokyo Fashion. I myself prefer to rummage through designer bargains in what the locals call “Recycle Shops”, a second-hand shop stocking all the brand-names for clothes, shoes and handbags. The items are also in very good condition and clean as the Japanese are very picky about such things.”


What do you splurge on?

“I admit I’m a bit of a lingerie junkie especially for the sexy yet elegant European stuff! Agent Provocateur is one of my favorites which I only buy during the sales, but I also like the UK high street stuff like La Senza.”

  “Oh & I have a weakness for shoes and handbags!”

Can you show us your favorite picture of yourself? 

 “I don’t have a favorite one to be honest, as I like variety in my shoots. If I had to choose, though, I would think that so far, the one of me in latex gear is the best in the “overall” category in terms of fashion, fetish, some nudity along with facial expression as well as quality of the photography. It was actually taken in my own apartment in Amsterdam by my boyfriend, Dmitri Reyer, who is a very talented photographer.”


What distinguishes a good photographer from a bad one?

“A good photographer knows what he wants from his work and sets ways to create it when collaborating with the model.  Good and clear direction is important.  At times it could be a little taxing to work with someone so picky about the position of hands, for instance, and where to turn your head as well as faffing about with the lighting but at the end of the day, I find it all worth it.

Moreover, having a comfortable rapport with the photographer is also important.  Someone who is serious and professional about his work but at the same time can make you laugh so much you forget you’re supposed to be posing for a shoot!”



Follow Miu’s work on: & see her portfolio on:

Photo Credit 1: Dutch Nude Art/Photo Credit 2: Rumblefish/Photo Credit 3: Rumblefish/Photo Credit 4: Rumblefish/Photo Credit 5: Dimitri Reyer/Photo Credit 6: Rumblefish

11 thoughts on “Style Profile: Mini Miu Model

  1. Ho I so agree on you Mini Miu, when it comes to working on a photo shoot, a professional photographer that knows exactly what (s)he wants but can make you laugh and create a good work atmosphere is a must ! Really nice interview !

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