ImageImageEverybody loves a good lipstick and some (like me) love to get one in every shade! Therefore I thought you’d be interested in how many of these ridiculously expensive yet extremely effective MAC lipsticks I own and recommend.

MAC Lipsticks are available in 8 finishes, priced at about 14 pounds each and I own (from left to right) Ruby Woo, Impassioned, Watch Me Shimmer, Pink Pigeon, Up the Amp and Russian Red. They all have great color pay off and I have noticed that I am drawn to the more severe colors.


❤ Watch Me Shimmer: This amplified finish coral is smooth, creamy and perfect for those summer months! This color would be great on warm skin tones and look great with your tan. However, this is a limited edition color from the ‘Shop MAC, Cook MAC’ collection and it would be a tough find. An inexpensive dupe for this color is the Maybelline ‘Shocking Coral’ lipstick. RECOMMEND!

❤ Ruby Woo: This Matte finish lipstick is the latest edition to my collection. This is a blue-toned true red that won’t budge. It would like fabulous on lighter skin tones and you would charm your way through any holiday party! An inexpensive dupe for this color is the Revlon ‘Really Red’ lipstick. 

❤ Impassioned: Even though this amplified creme finish lipstick looks like a close cousin of ‘Watch me Shimmer’ in this picture, it really is not. This lipstick is a bright warm pink that literally makes you look like you orgasmed moments ago. Who doesn’t want that look? Also, the creamy consistency of this lipstick makes it easy to glide on and you look like an effortless bombshell. This color is popular enough to have its own Nail Lacquer and Lipglass to match! RECOMMEND! An inexpensive dupe for this color is the Revlon ‘Love That Pink’ lipstick. 


Pink Pigeon: This limited edition Matte color is to die for! No, seriously. Pink Pigeon is a blue-toned bright pink that showcases a natural sheen, intense color payoff and long wear. I honestly don’t know why this was only released with the Iris Apfel collection and not made a regular! Either way, a good dupe for this color is the Milani Color Statement Lipstick in ‘Rose Hip’. RECOMMEND!

❤ Up The Amp: Yes, I was feeling adventurous when I picked up this amplified finish purple color lipstick. But I haven’t had the balls to wear this smooth textured, moisturizing and sweet scented lipstick yet. Maybe I must take advantage of its blend-able nature and mix and match the wearable color for me! Rihanna’s collection for MAC features ‘RiRi Boy’ which is a very close dupe to ‘Up the Amp’.

❤ Russian Red: Behold, the top seller lipstick that is Russian Red! Actually, this matte finish lipstick deserves all the glory bestowed upon it. The color is a medium-dark red that has neutral undertones but on my warm skin, it shows up as a cooler color. It’s part of the permeant range and features perks like long wear, sex appeal and it’s own matching Nail Lacquer and Lipglass. RECOMMEND!Image

Hope you enjoyed my small collection.

Which MAC lipsticks do you recommend? x


LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask Review

Hello, beautiful readers!

It’s safe to say that from the past few months I have been taking my skin care routine quite seriously and therefore have developed a severe curiosity for skin care products and homemade facials.

Hence, behold the LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask that I willingly shelled out Rs. 670 for. 100 grams of it to be precise.


Cosmetic Warrior is made up of natural ingredients such as Garlic, Honey, Tea Tree Oil, Eggs and more. These ingredients are meant to work together to create an antiseptic, clearing face mask  that helps to unclog pores, calm redness and banish those blemishes without harming the natural balance of the skin. Oh, & it’s preservatives free, ladies! So, how could I have risisted?


My Experience: When you first open the product, you will be greeted by a natural cream colored texture and the subtle scent of all the very organic ingredients in the mask (this helped me feel like I am doing something right). The product applied easily onto my face with some grainy particles that also joined in the blemish banishing bash. The face mask dried up quickly (within 5 minutes) and after a 10 minute recommended application, my skin’s surface was as smooth as a baby’s butt. I freakin’ loved that.


After a couple of uses, I definitely noticed improved skin surface, slight lightening of blemishes and reduced oiliness. I believe that the honey and kaolin had a lot to do with the cloud of softness that was now my skin. The eggs acted as a tightening agent for my pores and the tea tree oil also helped reduce current blemishes and hopefully is preventing future acne as we speak (or as I blog). It’s pretty impressive that this product uses no chemicals and no forced ingredients to affect your skin. The goodness of nature will pamper and feed your skin (unless, you’re allergic to the goodness). Tip: Check all ingredients before purchase and use. Also, like any other skin care routine, you have to carry it through. Big changes do not happen over night; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

❤ Pros: 1) Cute, minimalistic packaging. 2) Natural Ingredients and no preservatives. 3) Great for combination to oily skin and great for acne prone (damaged) skin. 4) Soft & smooth skin. 5) Reduces blemishes and oiliness over regular usages. 6) Not tested on animals!

❤ Cons: 1) Expires within a month. 2) Cannot be travelled with as it needs to be refrigerated continuously. 3) Bit on the pricy side. 4) Some people may find the face mask a tad bit smelly.

RATING 4/5: My skin feels tighter, brighter and much more smoother. I would definitely recommend this product regardless of it’s shelf life issues (note: keep refrigerated, it expires in a month and hence use it twice a week for optimum results and no wastage).

Lots of love and flying kisses xx


Bits & Bobs: Beauty Haul

With a little bit more self control, I have been shopping for items on a rather slower speed than going on a shopaholic rampage. With a new month and a new year looming, it’s only fair that I venture out into unknown product territory. So here we go:Haul Full

❤ Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick #16: I never wear light colors on my lips and struggle with the perfect everyday shade. But could this lipstick be the answer? From what I have previously experienced: these Kate Moss lipsticks have high color pay off and a glossy texture on the lips. This is perfect for application and helps my lips feel moisturized. I am really looking forward to using this pinkish coral color during the remaining parts of the summer.


❤ MAC Bronzing Powder: Really excited that I got my hands on this bronzer from MAC’s Temperature Rising collection. I chose the color ‘Soft Sand’ and I can’t wait to have this in the hollows of my cheeks as a pop of color or as part of my face contour routine. Warning: this is definitely not a dark matte contour powder! Obvious amounts of glitter are present in the product but they do not transfer onto the brush. I think this is a perfect product for a summer glow all year long. Expensive but worth every hour at the office!bronzermac

❤ Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner in #01 & Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: I picked up everything inexpensive at the Rimmel counter at the airport while traveling in July. I was in one of those moods. The Stay Matte powder disappointed me less in comparison to the liquid eye liner by Rimmel. The powder is a typical drug store finishing powder that provides very light coverage but is effective when touching up the T-zone on those “non-special” days. With less that 4 quid spent on the powder, I can’t complain much. However, I was hoping to get more from the Glam Eyes liner. The wand is slim and therefore I expected sleek lines. However, the product is very diluted and has a dodgy color pay off making it hard to control. Skip it!


Hope you enjoyed the haul & mini reviews! What product did you purchase recently?




Hey, guys!

The best decision I made all week was cutting down on online stalking my ex but then I made a better decision and invested in this Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

In my mind spending over Rs. 3000 for an eyeshadow palette was totally justified because I had resisted the first Naked palette from Urban Decay (cult product, brings joy equivalent to an orgasm, phenomenol) and hence I declared myself worthy of new eyeshadow colors.


So, The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette contains twelve neutral eyeshadows (5 new shades), a round fluffy shadow/crease brush and a mini Lip Junkie Lip gloss in a dark pink shade. The packaging is strong and sturdy in light bronze metal and the logo is embossed onto the palette packaging.

Naked 2 Palette Open



1st Four Shades Naked 2 

  • Foxy: Great matte nude shade for eyebrow highlight or for transition up to the brow bone (Chalky/Powdery consistency).
  • Half Baked: Beautiful shimmery golden color from the original Naked Palette (Creamy consistency with good color pay-off).
  • Bootycall: Loving the name & this light shimmery pink is definitely going to be an everyday lid color for me (Peach tinted, frosty finish).
  • Chopper: This is a shimmery copper with chunky silver glitter (Excess fall out but good color pay off).


Naked 2 Palette Shades

  • Tease: This reddish brown matte shade looks like a bruise in the swatch but it might be perfect for creating depth at the crease! (Mauve-brown color; dry texture).
  • Snakebite: A beautiful golden brown shade. Personally I think this is one of the prettiest shades. NEW!
  • Suspect: Dark bronze with golden shimmer (smooth texture; high color pay off).
  • Pistol: An interesting dirty gray color with a frosted finish. Despite the brown particles, this will be my equivalent of a silver.



  • Verve: A creamy gray color  with pink undertones,  this color was in the Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette.
  • YDK: A cool brown with heavy pink undertones, I really adore this color for it smooth texture and high pigmentation. It’s love.
  • Busted: A deep brown with a frost finish, the perfect color for smokey eye looks.
  • Blackout: Every palette needs a badass matte black and Urban Decay delivers! (Chalky though)


+ Value for Money: 12 eyeshadows, a full sized Urban Decay brush & a lip gloss. I don’t think you would need to buy any more eyeshadows for a long, long time.

+ Also, I will always prefer a palette filled with several eyeshadows over carrying lose eyeshadows and therefore this palette is extremely travel friendly; great for those summer holidays. The metal tine shuts efficiently and the long mirror will also be super handy.

+ Furthermore this palette contains both shimmery and matte eyeshadows. Hallelujah! See, now you don’t need to buy any more palettes or lose eye shadows any time soon.


– Many of the shades vary in pigmentation, some have a higher color pay off than the others and this needs to improve just so that the palette is more consistently used.
– Plus, I honestly would have preferred the Urban Decay eye primer over the unflattering lip gloss color.
– Also, if you have the original palette then skip this one because it only has 5 new shades which may not be worth your while.



Besides being my favorite movie of 2013 (and perhaps of all time), Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic adaptation ‘The Great Gatsby’ has created a frenzy around the fabulous fashion in the 1920’s. This frenzy doesn’t awe many as fashion in that era was glamorous and note-worthy. But Luhrmann also appointed Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin for the movie and she epitomizes talent and vision.


Note: Elizabeth Debicki in the role of Jordan Baker; wearing a gold silk blouse and beige palazzo pants. 

For ‘The Great Gatsby’, Luhrmann appointed the fashion dream-team of Catherine Martine and Miuccia Prada. He approached Ms. Prada to collaborate on 41 dresses for the extravagant parties in the film and when the costume designer Catherine Martine tried the Prada and Miu Miu looks for the screen tests, she knew it was a match made in a very fashionable heaven.


Note: Prada used her archive as a starting point of inspiration for ‘The Great Gatsby’, for instance “The Chandelier Dress” from the spring/summer 2010 collection. 

Ms. Prada said that they weren’t  “making a documentary” but “trying to express a story in a way in which Fitzgerald’s visceral modernity is able to transgress the plane of the screen”. Therefore, even though you do find the lustful dropped waists, chiffon overlays and delicate beading, you also have many costumes inspired from recent Prada and Miu Miu lines with altered colors, necklines, waistlines and enhanced or removed decorations.


Note: Gatsby and Daisy, tugging at my heart strings.

But we can’t deny it, it’s definetely the 1920’s, roaring and soaring fashion.

I love the flapper dresses, the head scarves, the bow ties, the spectacular shoes and the diamonds. Mr. Luhrmann “wanted to show her (Mulligan’s character Daisy Buchanan) as the most beautiful and rich woman on Earth” and he did.



Note: Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan wearing a gold silk gown with crystal beaded overlay; Tiffany pearl bracelet and a diamond headpiece. 



Style Profile: Sundal Roy


What made you first become a fashion model?

“I started doing it on the side when I was at university as a way to make some extra cash but once I graduated I already knew I didn’t want to be an architect (what I had studied), all I wanted to do was design fashion forever and ever.  I started booking more work that summer and realized modeling was a good way for me to get closer to that dream.”


Image Credits: Photography by Christopher Sims, Styling by Sara Darling, Makeup by Julie Cooper. Photographer’s Assistant: Nick Thompson

What are common pressures a fashion model has to face? How do you cope?

“Insecurity, objectification, exploitation.”

“All the stories are often true. People will make comments about your body or your face and even if they don’t, your flaws will become hugely magnified to yourself until that’s all you can see (instead of the beauty that you do possess). You learn how to ‘work with’ your flaws and hide them.  It’s a battle of the mind and it can destroy people. It’s an industry that takes beautiful people and makes them feel so ugly and the ways in which this happens are extremely subtle but cumulative (they build up layer by layer over the years).

“Often people will treat you like you’re not even human.  For example, I’ve been stood for hours in presentations before while the whole design team sits around, discusses my outfit, passing round drinks and snacks while not even offering me a single thing or a chance to sit down.”

“Modeling can seem lucrative to people from the outside, but the reality is, once the agencies have taken their cut and deducted all the models promotional expenses and other expenses like their model apartment if they’ve come in from out of town and sometimes pocket money too, the model is often left with very little, sometimes even nothing at all.”

“It is also not a myth that there are creepy photographers out there and contrary to popular belief, they’re not just your run of the mill ‘guys with cameras’ posing as real photographers.  Some of them are real, working photographers who will abuse their positions of power to exploit vulnerable young girls desperate for work. BUT having said that, I have never experienced any kind of sexual assault or behavior I would deem inappropriate, but everyone categorizes inappropriate differently.  I have, however, had the misfortune of working with one or two creepy photographers who’ve only been interested in me taking all my clothes off and most models will have had an experience like this.  Fortunately, these sorts of guys are the exception rather than the rule: I have shot with a LOT of photographers and save a couple, the rest have been absolutely fantastic to work with.”


Image Credits: Photography by Anushka Menon, Styling by Tania Fadte, Hair & Makeup by Richard Wilkinson.

 “To cope with such pressures, one has to develop a very thick skin.  It’s an important skill to be aware of your flaws as a model and know how to work with them and play up your strong points.  But it’s even more important to remember your strong points, otherwise your self-esteem will erode until there’s nothing left.”
“It’s important to learn boundaries and how to state them in a positive, non-confrontational way, which is easier said than done when you’re on a shoot and the whole concept rests around you doing something that you’re not comfortable with.  To speak up in front of a whole team of creatives and risk ruining their big idea and costing the production what could be thousands of pounds takes huge guts.  Unfortunately, even with all my years experience, I still find it difficult sometimes standing up for my principles.  I was once sent to Austria for a runway show and it was only when I got there that I realized nearly every single look contained fur, which they should have cleared with my agency beforehand.  I swallowed the bullet and didn’t say anything but I regret that now as the client ended up being so rude when I didn’t fit the samples and cancelled me off the job.  Having something to fall back on if you lose a client who expects you to compromise yourself in this way makes it a lot easier to stand up for yourself so I sincerely hope any aspiring models reading this heed my advice.”

Image Credits: Photography by Anushka Menon, Styling by Tania Fadte, Hair & Makeup by Richard Wilkinson.


Image Credits: Photography by Joy Datta, Styling by Divyak D’Souza, Hair & Makeup by Richard Wilkinson. Styling Assistant: Daniel Franklin

Which has been your favorite place in the world to shoot and why?

“Abu Dhabi was amazing. We were shooting in luxury 6 and 7 star hotels and the architecture was simply incredible.  I was instagramming the f*ck out of the place.  (instagram: @patterns4life)”

What do you splurge on?

“Not a lot at the moment, I am saving all my pennies for my tour of Asia and for the business I will be launching upon my return. This is a very important skill to learn when you are self-employed in the fashion industry, to hold onto your money when you’re earning it because you never know where your next job is coming from. Having said that, I have been known to go nuts on the high street if I have a few hours in town to kill.”

What are your guilty pleasures when spoiling yourself with food?

“I never feel guilty about my pleasures!  It’s the secret to not gaining weight– allowing yourself those moments of indulgence and not stressing about them.  I love pastries, ice cream, crumpets saturated in butter with marmite, green & black’s butterscotch chocolate… I could go on and on…”

Image Credits: Photography by Bikramjit Bose, Styling by Pearl Shah, Hair & Makeup by Richard Wilkinson. 
What beauty tips do you swear by?

“I make my own face-oil and it’s absolutely divine, it makes my skin glow.  I use rosewater as a toner and a great cleanser from Raw Skin Food.  I make my own body scrubs using sea salt or coffee grounds (the latter is great for banishing cellulite) and almond oil instead of body lotion. I prefer using natural products where possible.  And I know it’s obvious, but getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water (something which I’ll admit I don’t drink enough of) and not smoking really do make a huge difference to your skin, more so than fancy beauty products.  Expensive products certainly do work and often better than the budget brands, but these certain lifestyle choices will go a hell of a long way.  I think one of the reasons why I’ve not aged much during my modeling career is because the downtime has allowed me so many lie-ins!  Beauty sleep is very, very important.  Many models smoke to keep their weight down, but you pay the price with your skin, I notice a difference to mine within days of picking the habit up again.  Also maintaining a consistent weight.  Too many cycles of weight loss and gain can also contribute to ageing, especially if you’re extremely underweight.”

What is your advice for people who are afraid to express their style?

“Ease yourself in slowly and gradually.  My brother was my first ever personal styling client last year and I said to him to start with baby steps. First time, wear a tie to work with a bit of a quirky on-trend pattern on it.  Then when you’re comfortable with that, work up to a subtly printed or colored shirt.  I saw him some weeks later wearing vintage-style braces, rolled up chinos with coloured socks peeking over the top of his on-trend brogues and a tweed blazer to work.  This was a young man who when he came to me for help was still rocking bootleg jeans with a pinstripe blazer circa 2004.  Take baby steps first, it could be the start of a beautiful sartorial journey!”

Which model inspires you?

“Erin Wasson cos’ she’s just so frikkin’ cool.”

  Can you show us your current favorite item in your closet? 

“My Vivienne Westwood pirate boots are a win with any outfit.  Or my AllSaints leather jacket also gets worn to death.”


If your were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?

“God knows, but thank heavens I have modeled as I’m headed straight for a career in fashion and prop styling.”


Follow Sundal’s career on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SundalRoy or Follow her on her blog: www.patterns4life.blogspot.com


Street Style: Shradha Bhatia




Has a deep love for economics, finance and sneakers. Has been listening to Clarity (Zedd feat. Foxes) on loop.

Will turn 21 years old in May. Recent graduate and self proclaimed sapiosexual.

Is originally from down under (Australia).

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 5.03.45 PM

Follow her on twitter (@shradhabhatia) to know more about her dress from H&M, embellished top from Primark, sneakers from Thailand thrifting and much more!



Beauty Talk: NARS Blushes

IMG_1360After a sudden surge of temptation, I finally gave in and decided to deplete my finances by purchasing two NARS blushes. Below is my review on what to expect with these two NARS shades: Mata Hari (“rose petal pink”) and Orgasm (“peachy pink with golden shimmer”).


NARS Mata Hari is a dark matte pink with cool raspberry undertones. This color is perfect for darker skin shades as it shows up without any effort. Lighter skin shades can also rock this highly pigmented blush with a light handed application. Initially, the product feels powdery in the container but it has a soft and easy to blend application.

IMG_1373NARS Orgasm is a beautiful peachy pink shade with strong golden shimmer. The color of this blush is similar to that of MAC Springsheen. Furthermore, the Orgasm blush is decently pigmented but the color pay-off is not as obvious as other NARS blushes (e.g. Mata Hari). Nevertheless, I believe that all complexions can enjoy this shade. ALSO, you don’t have to be afraid of the shimmer because the blush doesn’t apply sparkles all over your face but rather provides an orgasmic sheen. The amazing sex glow?


Overall, my verdict is that one should invest in a NARS blush because besides the obvious color pay off, these blushes seem to have a much more contemporary and travel friendly packaging than other blushes in the market today.

Orgasm would be my preference. Which NARS blush do you love?


Spring: Closet Cleaning Tips

I am the ultimate clothes hoarder. If you give me a small room to live in, I’d turn it into a massive closet; a fashion museum of all things collected and advance on to the floor for the purpose of slumber. However, a time comes (spring time to be more specific) when your closet no longer supports your intimate attachments to clothing and things may no longer fit you or feel you.

This is where I come in with my five simple tips for a stress-free cleanse of your closet. So, pin up that hair, bring out a trash bag and welcome spring with ample space.


1) Current Style: Who are you now? It’s an important question to ask yourself when beginning to shape out your wardrobe. A year ago, I was completely on the bandwagon of feminine fashion. But now my style has become more androgynous. So, for me it’s time to get rid of those dated floral blazers.

Pay attention to defining your personal style. Which clothes feel like you? Which clothes accentuate your current body? What story do you want your clothes to tell?

If you haven’t understood your style yet then build around a few key pieces you love to wear.


2) Give Away or Donate: When organizing your closet, create three piles of your “maybe” garments: Keep, Donate, Trash. You should be keeping the items you are likely to wear in the present, donating the items that are in good shape and could provide happiness for someone else and trashing the items with unbearable stains, holes or fit issues.

If you still have trouble deciding what should be up for donation, then follow the ‘three-year-rule‘: if you haven’t worn it in three years, then you probably won’t ever again.


3) Organize by Color or Type: Once you have sorted through your giveaway clothes, you will have your remaining wardrobe. Utilize your  aesthetics or functionality preference to assign your clothes a place in your closet. I prefer to display clothes by function. This is because I don’t wake up wanting to wear pink, I wake up wanting to wear my party dress.



 4) Organize a Clothing Swap: One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure. Go ahead and mark this new social event on your calendar where by all your girlfriends will be served chilled cocktails and your old closet items. Swap clothes, jewelry, shoes & accessories for something new and exciting.


 5) Upgrade Your Closet Accessories: With our ever expanding closets, we must treat the items we love with care and hence invest in sturdy shoe racks and storage boxes. This helps prevent damage to fabulous new shoes in the long run.

Similarly, mis-matched hangers are a sore picture to the eyes. Shop for wooden or plastic black hangers to breathe new aesthetic into your closet. Wooden hangers are also unlikely to pull fabric from delicate knits and sweaters unlike wire hangers.

If you’d like to take it a step further then you could also invest in adorable fabric, printed and shape hangers to add personality to a mundane wardrobe.

hangers https://www.thehunt.com/the-hunt/bTymJ7-these-hangers%21

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and tips on spring closet cleaning! Please leave me a comment with your tips or favorite tip for spring cleaning. I would love to hear from you.